Project 03. Radiation (Transportation architecture design)
Team. Tian Lou, Rui Han
Instructor. Wei Wei
Date. Fall 2014
Location. West Yanan Station, Shanghai
Site Analaysis

Nowadays,a railway station is a carrier not only for transportation, also for functions needed by communities around.We want it can be a core where urban needs and various lifestyles interact .The renovation reflects our positive attitudes towards its surrounding environment. We try to solve the transportation problems as well as create active space for residents who will use this station.To distinguish with large Commercial Complex,we position the station to be community commerce which well provide lots of makets and green places.

main pedestrain streamline

main cars streamline

TOD System

A transit-oriented development (TOD) is a mixed-use residential and commercial area designed to maximize access to public transport, and often incorporates features to encourage transit ridership. A TOD neighborhood typically has a center with a transit station or stop (train station, metro station, tram stop, or bus stop), surrounded by relatively high-density development with progressively lower-density development spreading outward from the center. TODs generally are located within a radius of one-quarter to one-half mile (400m to 800m) from a transit stop, as this is considered to be an appropriate scale for pedestrians, thus solving the last mile problem.

Basic on the TOD system, the main concept of design is to satisfy different demans among all kinds of people.
To accomplish the concept, we did comprehensive research about uses of the metro station. Within the area 600m from the transit stop, we sruveyed several aspects of the situation: the destination, the density from time to time, people’s needs and the way people get to the transit stop.
With these practical researches, we try to connect the surrounding blocks and make use of the green to create an active subway station.

People who walk to the station are most residents and workers around the block.They need convenient route to the station.

Cars are most from the two main roads,which blocks the routes for
people who need to work across the crossroads.



Open Market

Open Market



Office Building




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