Project 04. Culture along water (Urban Design)
Team. Tian Lou, Yuan yuan Li, Xiao yi Zheng, Ying dan Lu, Ding kun Li
Instructor. Chun xia Yang
Date. Spring 2013
Location. Hong kou Bund, Shanghai

The process of urbanization has prompted the urban expansion in China. However, the planning of new urban district usually overlooks the preservation of historical heritage and fails to achieve the continuation of culture. The estrangement between new urban districts and the old city blocks keeps impairing the integration or the area.

Our design concept is to unify the present and the past thus keeping a balance between preservation and urbanization. We endeavor to enhance the site coherence, restore culture value and resuscitate the traditional heritage by interweaving those historical Lilong blocks with the newly-built urban area.

Site Analysis

Site Title

The site is located in Hongkou Port , North Bund,Shanghai.

The North Bund is defined to be the national transport center.

As the cross of Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, Hongkou Bund has an important meaning and is closely related to residents.

The Hongkou Port is an important focus of
the development of North Bund. The image of the site need to be deal with carefully.

Around the side,there are most modern
Lilong, industry factories, commercial and other old buildings. While it lacks large transport centres.

In the future,the transport centre can
bring lots of people for the site.


Basic on the site analysis, we think that Hongkou Bund is better to be a unique connection between Shanghai and the world. Various culture and diverse information converge here, tangibly including artworks, architecture themselves, intangibly including music, art, exhibitions. Traditional and modern, matter and spirit, the east and the west, they meet and interact with each other, and the window of the world opens.

Generation Logic

Define spaces for common
activities. Separate private
residential blocks with public

Connect the public space with
second-floor platforms to form
a dynamic system.

Add small-scaled cubes in
front of the river for spatial

Plazas on the platform enhance visual connection
towards the historical heritage, restoring the ornamental value of Lilong.


First Floor

Second Floor

Perspective View