Project 06. Home for Aged
Team. Tian Lou, Teng Long, Zhiyu Zhang, Xincheng Ye
Instructor. Guvenc Ozel, Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci
Date. Winter 2016
Location. Los Angeles, California

This project is about autonomous transportation on earth. Autonomous vehicles are as extension of architecture, or “moving rooms”. Our goal is to research on networks and logistics of autonomous vehicles and redefine their impact on the built environment.

We focused on aging problem, and tried to help aged people live by themselves with autonomous vehicles and robots.

In this project, we use VR and AR technologies to explore and develop our design. These advanced technologies can help people have more authentic experience to understand the relationship between architecture and vehicles. 

We use video as the final form of expression.

Redefine the relationship between living space and movable vehicles

Generation 01

Vehicles serve people as a transportation tool.

Generation 02

Autonomous vehicles become a living space equal to a house, a social occasion or recreation.

Generation 03

Autonomous vehicles become the main living space while the rigid living space becomes a charging.

Level 1   Interior Trip

Smart wheel chair is used to help the seniors walk and live as the young in a living unit.

Level 2   District Trip

Smart wheel chair is plugged in an autonomous vehicle to help the senior travel in districts to feed their basic demands.

Level 3   City Trip

A system of hyperloop( or air plane), autonomous vehicle and smart wheel chair is required for a trip between cities.

Autonomous System
Relationship between vehicles and living unit

The autonomous vehicle is the key factor to make the living unit a whole. The living unit only works when the vehicle plug into it.

car interior
car interior
living unit interior design