Project 07. Open Block
Team.  Tian Lou, Dingkun Li, Yuanyuan Li, Anna
Instructor. Yong He
Date. Fall 2013
Location. Cao Jiadu, Shanghai

An ideal residential community is one that radiates a sense of peace and privacy.Unfortunately,the increasingly
scarce urban space aggravates the occupancy towards private green space. How to deal with the intense
overlap between personal space and commen area calls for deliberate concern.
The main purpose for this design is to unify the private with public and bring about a seemingly paradoxical
residential community which could both serve as a haven from turbulance and a vivid complement for urban
public space.

Site Analysis

Boasting a favorable climate, geographical location and human culture, Cao jiadu is the birthplace of old Shanghai. Its geographical advantage and accurate positioning of a commercial and residential district has made it a lively city center with both modern development and historical preservations.
Currently Cao Jiadu has become one of the 12 regional business centers in Shanghai, attracting hundreds of citizens every day by its excellent landscape and historical ambience.
To further promote the district vitality, we decide to enclose a semi-public space in our residential community. Without disturbing the daily activities of the residents, we try to offer a feedback for the city, making up for the insufficient open space for the booming population in Cao Jiadu.


Space changes when layout varies, so do human activities. The typological analysis towards courtyards in different scales and modes
indicates the invisible bond between human psychology and surroundings. We aim to figure out a type of enclosure which could provide the residents with both a sense of privacy and a vigorous atmosphere of social interaction.
Based on the comparision, each type of courtyard has its pros and cons. A courtyard in the middle of the blocks offers a high level of enclosure
and privacy. However view interference is likely to arise. Perpheral courtyards provides favorable isolation but are sometimes negative
without a limit of space. Courtyards on the side are more flexible, while the connection of buildings is impaired.

Unit Design
Master Plan
Perspective View