Project . Black Stone
Team. Tian Lou, Teng Long
Instructor. Guvenc Ozel, Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci
Date. Fall 2016
Location. Los Angeles, California

In order to understand the logics that lead to the formulation of artificially intelligent cognitive and material systems, one first needs to understand the generative nature of contemporary design models and their mathematical foundations. The intent of this module is to explore the logics and formal outputs of organizational behaviors. Through researching specific terminologies and finding exemplary projects in the fields of digital and interactive art, architecture and industrial design, we will develop a formal language of interactive motion.


We try to find a logic that could achieve the goal of expanding or contracting space. We started with a single triangle unit, since triangle is the simplest shape and could assembled into various structure. 

We use surfaces to compose the whole space, with the same logic. To achieve the movements, both the angles and distances between two corners need to change


So far each corner needs 2 sheets to move, and these 2 sheets are fixed at the corner. That is to say for each triangle, it needs 6 sheets to move, both rotate or translate.

Core Structure